El nuevo EQC.

Enjoy eletric.

Todo son puntos a favor del nuevo EQC.

Aspectos destacados del vehículo

Gracias a su sorprendente autonomía, a una extensa infraestructura de carga y a su máximo nivel de seguridad, el EQC genera una fascinante sensación de conducción eléctrica, inédita hasta la fecha.

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Descubre una experiencia inédita de manejo y visualizado, con un mando fónico intuitivo de lenguaje natural, funciones con capacidad de aprendizaje y superficies que reaccionan a tus comandos táctiles. Todo esto, integrado con elegancia en el puesto de conducción widescreen de resolución extremadamente alta.

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A new drive. New aesthetics.

The EQC radiates fascinating purity, peacefulness and modernity. In so doing, it embodies the new design language of progressive luxury.
Exterior design
The new EQC has avantgarde individual aesthetics. A symbol of progressive luxury. The clear, sensual and extremely reduced lines make it clear at first glance: this can only be the Mercedes among electric cars.
Interior design
Thanks to the almost imperceptible electric motor, you can enjoy the new progressive interior of the EQC even more. Many of the trim elements, upholstery material and colours were exclusively developed for the EQC and underscore its uniqueness.

Seamlessly accelerates into an electric future.

The new Mercedes-Benz EQC is an all-electric SUV with plenty of space and comfort. Until you put your foot down. Then it becomes a sports car. Even from a standing start, full torque is available and smoothly catapults the EQC ahead. This is what sets the all-electric drive apart from any conventional petrol or diesel car. The result is completely new, fascinating driving dynamics.
Two motors transform electric energy into pure driving fun.
The newly developed electric drive unit is so innovative that there are no less than two installed in the new EQC. An electric motor on the front and rear axle respectively work together to transform the electric energy saved in the battery into mechanical energy. To minimise electricity consumption and maximise dynamics, the electric drive systems are designed differently: the front electric machine has been optimised for the best possible efficiency for the low to medium load range, while the rear determines dynamics.

Less drag for more range.

With a minimum cd value of 0.27* in its most aerodynamic configuration, the EQC is one of the most streamlined SUVs. This is most obvious in the clean, scaled-back design as a logical further development of the Sensual Purity design language. This is perceived sensually owing to the success of the aeroacoustic measures aimed at reducing wind and tyre/road noise. And all of this is directly tangible in the form of a higher range as, even in the case of electric vehicles, an aerodynamically optimised vehicle design plays a big part in increasing the real range.
The EQC incorporates a raft of aerodynamic measures aimed at reducing drag such as the optimisation of numerous seals, trims and air ducts on the front section, wheels, underbody, glazing, roof and rear.

This is how well the new EQC fits into your life.

The new EQC proves its everyday suitability right down to the millimetre. Experience its generous amount of space. With its sufficient charge volume it is the perfect companion for longer trips, too.

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