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Environmentally compatible concepts

BlueEFFICIENCY measures

BlueEFFICIENCY measures are comprehensive vehicle optimisations that help save fuel and ease the burden on the environment. In the SLK, too, the most efficient engines are combined with the best features available, to keep fuel consumption to a minimum.

These include:

  • Streamlined exterior mirror housings
  • Tyres with optimised rolling resistance
  • ECO start/stop function
  • ECO display and current consumption indicator
  • Energy-saving control of auxiliary units with requirement-dependent action (power steering pump)
  • Euro-6 (SLK 55 AMG) and Euro-5 certification (all engines except the SLK 55 AMG)
  • Alternator management (alternator switched off in traction mode)
  • Air conditioning system compressor as well as fuel and oil pump)
  • Alternator management (alternator switched off in traction mode)
  • Engine technologies such as direct injection and turbocharging
  • Optimised aerodynamics through adjustable radiator shutters (available for the SLK 200)
  • Shift point display for manual transmission versions

Efficiency technologies in the SLK Roadster

Environmental certificate