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Plus-3 Financing

Keep. Sell to a third party: Hand back:
You make the agreed final balloon payment and the vehicle is automatically yours. You can also take out a loan with us to cover the final instalment, allowing payment in convenient monthly instalments.. You sell the vehicle yourself and use the proceeds to make the agreed final balloon payment. You hand back the vehicle in a condition as per the agreement and receive the guaranteed residual value from your dealer. This is equivalent to your Plus-3 final instalment.


A Mercedes-Benz vehicle doesn't just fulfil many desires. With us, it can leave you free for all the other things that are important to you. Your only commitment is for the agreed monthly instalments for using the vehicle; the vehicle itself remains the property of Mercedes-Benz Leasing GmbH.

  • You choose the equipment, colour and all the extras for your vehicle and only pay for using it.
  • The mileage and duration agreed provide the basis for the calculation of the monthly instalment rate.
  • At the end of the contract period, you simply return the car to your dealership Surplus or unused kilometres are invoiced or credited as per the agreement.
  • The residual value of your vehicle is guaranteed from the start An additional bonus is the free-of-charge GAP insurance included in the leasing agreement. In the event of an accident classified as an economic write-off or in the event of theft, this covers the difference that may arise between the value as per the leasing agreement and the compensation paid by the vehicle insurer.

Traditional financing

The following applies with our classic financing deals: No matter what term and deposit you decide on - you still have room to manoeuvre financially. You can even increase it further still, by giving your used vehicle in part-exchange.

Your advantages:

  • Faster access to the vehicle you want
  • Fixed interest rate throughout the contract period
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Clear calculation basis
  • Transparent costs